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The Charity Executive Board are very proud to introduce Rach Kayrooz as our Ambassador for FND Australia Support Services Inc. Rachel graciously accepted this position in January 2023.

Rach initially worked in the Corporate and Arts sector, then the communities sector for 16 years as a professional keynote speaker, program facilitator, advocate, consultant, ambassador and media spokesperson. In recognition of Rachel’s work, she received several awards including the Pride of Australia Courage Award, Qld Child Protection Education Award and the Lord Mayor’s Australia Day Award. Rachel’s philanthropy has raised tens of thousands of dollars for the dv sector.

Rach was a winner of the 2022 AACTA Reg Grundy Award for her unscripted reality tv show pitch, ‘Facing the Fear.’ Rach is passionate about animal welfare, empowering youth, and accessibility in the arts and its impact on participation for people with a disability. Rach is a proud mother and manages her daughter’s music career when she isn’t dreaming about travel. Rach is proudly an FND Warrior!





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